How to Do Professional-Quality Worldbuilding

Presenter: KM Wehrstein

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About this Lecture:

How to create an imaginary world which will captivate readers, then present it well enough that they feel immersed in it while they read, as if they were there?

This seminar teaches the techniques both of creating fictional worlds and portraying them well without sacrificing plot, characterization, or other core components of fiction. When I began teaching this, I was a science fiction/fantasy writer only; more recently I’ve expanded to historical, in which the world is not built through imagination, but retrieved through research – but then conveyed in its alienness in a similar way as is done in sf/f.

I’ll cover:
• The importance of setting
• World as story element
• What all settings must have
• How to do fantasy/sf worldbuilding research
• How to do historical world-retrieving research
• The components of a setting
• World building tools
• World building resources
• Execution: the “skillful brushstroke” and more.
…then open it up for questions.

About our Presenter:

KM Wehrstein has trad-published three fantasy novels (with Baen Books in New York), plus several other short stories in horror and science fiction. For four years she wrote a lengthier and richer online version of the story of Chevenga, first told in her published books. Since writing at her first Muskoka Novel Marathon in 2006, she has not missed one, making 2021 her fifteenth.

KM has been roundly praised for her worldbuilding, with comments like:
• “The worldbuilding is particularly brilliant” – Elizabeth Barrette, Web Fiction Guide
• “The worldbuilding is done as a natural extension of the character Chevenga’s thoughts, dialogue, and interactions instead of big chunks of description.” – Capriox, Web Fiction guide
• “What I really appreciated as a reader was the world building. Instead of creating a society that mimics our current beliefs and ideals, Wehrstein has created a world that is almost alien, with practices that we would consider barbaric. The true skill in the writing is how this society is portrayed as believable and sympathetic.” – Merrilee Faber, E-Fiction Guide



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May 27 2021


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Online Event

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